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Sale/Rent of "DE LUXE" P.Brieža 21
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   Elegance and simplicity, the city centre and silence are not contradictions anymore, they are the reality of residing at ours  up-to-date and prestigious houses. Streams of sunlight, cosiness, facilities and safety have become an integral part of the quality of standards. Our houses unite features that are usually impossible to unite - life in a unique house in the city centre, all necessary services and comfort, and at the same time a kind of  isolation from the turmoil so characteristic of a megapolis.

  The team of highly qualified professionals has been diligently working in order to offer the owners of the houses not only an aesthetically pleasant space, but also practical facilities. In the construction of our houses, the usage of the most up-to-date and quality building materials is successfully united with the design aesthetics of practicality, beauty and function. However, the most important thing is the appreciation by our clients, who having understood the rationality of the contribution and its guaranteed return in the future.

  We offer not just apartments and premises, but style of life!