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Sale of Grecinieku 24 / " Tomsona Terases 2""
Old Riga is traditionally considered to be one of the most expensive and prestigious districts of the city, but houses are regarded as the heritage of the republic at all.
The reason lies not only in an aestheticized environment, but also in a lucky location – close to restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, night clubs, stores, banks, various exhibitions, events of interest. The building is located in the very heart of Old Riga, where every house, every side street is a masterpiece of the medieval architecture: Dome Cathedral, St. Peter’s Cathedral, The Large Guild etc., view of the Daugava. In the neighbourhood there is the most beautiful Verman Park with an open-air stage, The Bastion Hill, The Latvian National Opera. The esplanade is just 3 minutes of walk, it takes 3 minutes to get to the central market; 5 minutes – to the railway station and bus station.
The apartments are offered for sale in finished condition with fitted kitchen, built-in closets, walk-in closets and bathroom and lavatory equipment. Flues for fireplaces are available. Every apartment can be reached by the lift using an individual chip. There are stairs as well. The ceilings are very high – 3.5 meters. The apartments come in fully ready and in shell condition as well thereby offering a possibility to adjust planning or finish quality to own liking. Almost all apartments have porches.